The Skyfall Chronicles

Amber's Journal: Day Two: Trash Hill
Grates are a Girl's Best Friend??

Well, after leaving Big Ellie’s place, we had a weird experience. I kind of think it was a bit of a faux pas, on our part, but maybe we won’t ever have to address it again. Ha. We were rounding this big ol pile of trash, and I saw this blue flash out of the corner of my eye. Try as I might, I couldn’t see what it was. It climbed up FAST, though, a near-vertical pile of trash. WHAT. We ran back to make sure the little girl was safe, since this was the secret entrance to her place and all. But I guess it was a friend of her’s. I don’t remember the name now. Aaron? Eh. Whatever. She was safe, so it’s cool.

We passed through the first safe house here again, and Preacher (good ol preacher) totally nailed a zombie in the head. Totally awesome. The hammer he threw disappeared, too. Darren said something about magic, but we moved on quickly. After managing to run over top of that stupid ditch we fell in (I guess it’ll be funny someday but man I was not happy about it), which was full of zeds by the by, we came to the entrance of trash hill. Soon as we got in there, it was chaos. Bugbears fighting the ratpack. We slipped behind a group of them right at the first intersection, thankfully. But then we were kind of cornered. Rather than deal with trying to take on both groups, I had the absolutely BRILLIANT idea of crawling through some grated water systems I found! Oh, I do come up with the best ideas. >:D

We managed to get through nearly the whole thing, but I was a little too excited to get out of there. I found some traps and was working on dismantling them, but much to my surprise, a group of Bugbears sprung on me. They knocked Darren straight out, and I managed to get a few good hits in before jumping through the spike traps to the other side to get a little distance between us. I totally exploded the head of one of them, and that made the other guys turn and run. HA! That’ll show them.

After exiting Trash Hill, we found ourselves at a strange little rig of bridges to a floating pile of trash in the middle of a purple goo pond. Darren and I checked one out before (him more than me, a weird tentacle almost grabbed him he said). Of course the dwarf falls in. Some fast thinking on my part and I got a rope into his hands. Now, I’m not strong, but I wasn’t about to let my friend sink into strange purple goo. OH HELL NO. So I yanked him out. Darren slipped in, too, but he was close enough to the shore to drag himself out. We took a little extra caution when I crossed the bridge to the east. Good thing, that bridge was rickety. I almost fell in a time or two, but I made it. I ran ahead, and couldn’t see too much of anything. When I turned back to report it, I felt like the trash pile looked lower than it was before. The guys made like a couple of junkies on a wanted poster and booked it. Happily, no one fell back in. We continued along the path (none were keen to try and see where the other bridge to the south led) and we found ourselves in an interesting little base of sorts.

We got a little rest before being woken up by Ordrock and a strange mechanical whirring. Whirlybird! We climbed up to greet him. I, uh, kind of got a little wobbly-kneed over his personal copter device. It was SO GORGEOUS. I mean, for piecing together parts he’s found in the wastelands… I just, wow. I can’t believe it.

[A page of drawings of the general craft, and some more in detail about the more ‘interesting’ parts]

Well, I got him to take me up in it pretty quick. Our talkie device isn’t working. Or wasn’t there, anyway. We flew about 300 feet up and I could start to hear a bit better, but I was a little feared of falling from that height. We landed, and I had a brilliant idea, YET AGAIN. We flew up over to the building we got dropped off on, which is where we are now. I’m listening to the radio chatter, and I can hear a little about some increased Federation Patrols, but I can’t get the walkie to broadcast. I’m just listening out for anything that might help us right now. I’m writing this to kill time. I just don’t know what to do. I’m sure Whirlybird could fly me back here again later if we needed but I don’t want to return without good news.

This place has been fun, but I miss my home in the skies. Being grounded for too long makes me uncomfortable.

Amber's Journal: Previous Entry

Dear Diary, I totally just got saved by this super hunk hotty named Kizmet. like OMG, he’s so going to be my wife, like, you don’t even know. ponies and flowers drawn in the margins

Amber's Journal: Day One: Wasteland.

Freaking zombies, man. They just don’t stop coming. I am learning to recognize their wheezy breath. We got dropped off in a Dead Zone by Oswald. Still haven’t heard anything about the whereabouts of my dad. Gods be with him… I hope Kizmet will hear something soon, and let us know. But we’ll see. I trust Oswald to give us information if he hears it, but he has other things to worry about. Sure, Kizmet probably does, too, but…

We managed to escape a huge hoard of zombies we accidentally let loose from a storage container. I can’t wait until we can get out of here. Everything here stinks. The water is disgusting. I’m happy we have been able to find some safe havens to sleep in. Not that we can really get clean there. I think that will be the first thing I do when we return home. Just take the longest, hottest bath ever. Then I’m going to go shopping. Not that the junkies down here are horrible to deal with or anything. I quite enjoy them. It will be nice to deal in regular currency though. Bit easier to keep track of. And, you know, once I get something I don’t really want to let it go.

We met a group of junkies in a safe house, seemingly led by a guy named Krowe. He helped us out real well. And the coolest thing happened; this cleric guy (who I think goes by Preacher?) just totally obliterated a horde of zombies. I’ve never seen anything like that before!! They couldn’t even touch him without bursting into flames. Wish we had money for a guy like that to guide us around these lands. Would make things a hell of a lot easier.

We’re staying with a girl now. Her name’s Big Ellie. Funny, cos she’s just a little thing. But hey, she gave us shelter. And we only had to kill a pack of junkies for it! Heh. I don’t really know that they were bad people or anything, but they were in our way. Just hope we find a damn zaptastic crystal soon. And this Whirlybird character. Oh, that’s the best part. The horde of zombies we let out the other day? Yeah. We gotta go back through there to get to him. Ain’t that just the best news I’ve ever heard…


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