The Skyfall Chronicles

Hundreds of years ago it was discovered that most of the continent would be destroyed by a cataclysmic event. To save as many citizens as possible, the government drafted mages to conjure shield-domes around the major cities and levitate large amounts of surrounding land to create an island flotilla. During the explosion, a maelstrom was formed between the islands and the ground, destroying the tethers holding the islands stationary which caused the islands to drift apart. During the first few years, some of the flotilla islands would collide, breaking the islands apart into smaller islands. It was because of this the government (renaming itself The People’s Federation) formed a special guild to map out each island’s estimated flight path. This separation gave rise for the need of transporting goods and people to each island, so once again the government drafted mages to make ships capable of flying between islands, as well as ships capable of defending and controlling what they called “airspace.”

To protect their interests, the government made it illegal to practice magic without a sanction. On top of this, the only people who could get this sanction had to work solely for the government. The administration’s troops stormed the Mages Guild and made each mage sign a contract stating they would only work for the government. Those that refused were dragged into the streets and executed. Upon hearing this, Guild-houses on the other islands formally broke ties with the Federation and commandeered a number of ships that were currently under construction. A mole in the guild was able to alert the government, which led to a major battle above the maelstrom. Federation forces eventually overwhelmed the guild-controlled ships, who were forced to flee through the maelstrom, yet only those that went through the eye of the storm survived, as anything of magical nature that came too close was torn apart and obliterated.

What greeted the survivors on the other side was a wasteland. Almost everything had been obliterated, yet the mages had nowhere else to go. So began the task of constructing a civilization out of nothing, whose capital was set directly beneath the eye of the maelstrom. Generations passed, and the guild was able to regrow much of the ecosystem surrounding their few cities. It wasn’t long after this that the Federation sent warships through The Eye to see what became of the escapees. Discovering the wonders that the mages had created and fearing that their people would want to return to the surface, they decided to launch an offensive. Unstable crystals were mined from the heart of one of the floating islands, destroying it in the process (the public was told it was as an attack by the Surface), and combined with astral essence taken directly from the maelstrom to form a volatile explosive. During the offensive, the explosive was dropped on the capital, completely destroying it and miles of surrounding land. Figuring their victory was absolute, the government forces withdrew and returned to the islands.

Their capital city gone and the government thrown into disarray, the Mage’s civilization fell into anarchy, save for a few neighboring cities. These cities formed The New Order. This collection of cities sought to live in peace, hiding their existence from the People’s Flotilla by camouflaging their buildings into natural cliff faces formed by the islands when they were ripped from the ground.

Some people were not content to live under the Federation’s shadow, and began to construct non-magical ships capable of flying directly through the maelstrom to attack the flotilla, and so the Sky-Pirates were created. On one such attack, it was discovered that a chunk of an island containing a vast collection of ruins had gotten stuck floating in the maelstrom. It was also discovered that each island had settled into an orbit around the maelstrom’s eye. Engineers were sent to construct a fortress to serve as a forward base from which to launch further attacks. Over the course of a year, similar chunks were discovered and more bases were built all over the maelstrom. During this year, The New Order, fearing their safety, kicked anyone belonging to or supporting the Sky-Pirates out of the crater-cities. These people were brought in by the Pirates, and now live in the maelstrom and work to support the Sky-Pirates.

The Skyfall Chronicles

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